Coffee Club

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings we meet for coffee, snacks, to discuss current events, laugh at jokes, and tell stories about our lives.


This is where things get serious. Every Tuesday and Thursday nights we have a large group show up in the dining room for their chance to yell, "BINGO!"

Movie Night

Friday nights in the living room are reserved for a screening of the movie of the week. There's plenty of comfortable seating, and as always there will be drinks, popcorn, and candy.

Birthday Parties

Since everybody gets their own birthday party where they get to choose the meals of the day, we have about 2 birthday parties a month. Along with the great food there is always live entertainment!

Live Music

You can expect live music at pretty much every special event. Holidays and birthday parties are always full of music and fun!


Keep your mind sharp and earn a little extra coin with 10-cent-trivia. Every right answer earns you a bright shiny FDR.

Church Service & Bible Study

We host a different, wonderful church service each Sunday of the month, and bible study every Wednesday afternoon.

Arts & Crafts

Every Monday afternoon is time to get creative with dreamcatchers, wreaths, room decorations, jewelry making, painting, and much more!

Exercise Classes

Stay fit and limber with 'Sittercise' and 'Chair Dancing' every weekday in the living room!